Why the Winter Classic gets me out of bed on New Year’s Day

After a night of revelry with friends, there’s not much that can get me excited about crawling out from under my covers the next day. One thing that can is the Winter Classic.

It doesn’t really matter which teams are playing or which historic stadium is featured. I don’t even really care who wins most times. It is just another two points, after all.

Buffalo Sabres, Pittsburgh Penguins, Winter Classic

The first Winter Classic played in Buffalo. Or the best one thus far.

What gets me excited is the idea of my favorite game in the world getting some air time on a national holiday. I love the idea that some kids might watch their first hockey game that day. It thrills me when a hockey game is nationally broadcast on a major cable network. The attention is fabulous.

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Thoughts on the news: Signings, rumors and Pittsburgh

Here’s my latest idea: I’m thinking about posting a brief recap of the latest NHL news, along with my opinions on what’s going on around the league. Let’s give this a whirl…

  • Right winger Jared Boll resigns with the Columbus Blue Jackets. He’s a tough guy. And usually the fights are the most exciting part of CBJ games. As an Ohioan, I am allowed to say that. I still have love for my Jackets. Thumbs up.
  • Jared Boll

    Two more years of watching Boll fight on FSN Ohio. Photo by Paul J. Bereswill / Associated Press.

  • Left winger Dan Carcillo reups with the Philadelphia Flyers for another year. That just means we have to look at his ugly mug for another year. One more reason to hate Filthadelphia. Thumbs down…or thumbs up? At least he’s not on a team I actually like.
  • Pittsburgh just got another Winter Classic chance with the 2011 game being played at Heinz Field. Now they’re getting a Frozen Four in 2013. Is that fair? Probably not, but as a Pens fan, I am loving how the hockey gods are smiling on my city. Philly gets the Frozen Four in 2014? Ehh, I’ll forget about that for now.
  • Rumor has it that the Chicago Blackhawks have put Patrick Sharp out on the trading block. Really? It just wasn’t enough to lose Big Buff, Ladd, Verbeauty, Sopel, Eager and Burish?? I’ve never seen a Stanley Cup team be torn apart so quickly. Stan Bowman, we are not on speaking terms right now. Figure it out.
  • Patrick Sharp

    I want to see this again next year. Don't let Sharpie leave. Photo by Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images.

  • The Anaheim Ducks have spoken. Bobby Ryan will not be traded. He’s a restricted free agent, and rumors have circulated, but the Ducks are holding on to the Team USA Olympic medalist.
  • And to finish up this brief recap, Kovalchuk still hasn’t signed with a team. I still don’t think he’s worth so much hype.

Stay tuned for more frequent NHL news updates and longer posts about my favorite hockey topics.