Alive in CLE with the Monsters

Last month I went to my first Lake Erie Monsters game of the season. Now that I’m living in Greater Cleveland, it’s about time I got myself to the Q for a hockey night in CLE. I went to a few games when I was in college, but I haven’t been back since then. But between moving to the area and gaining access to a corporate suite, I was sold.

The company I moved to Cleveland for has a suite at the Q, and I snagged four tickets to a weeknight game. I went with three work friends, and we had such a great time. I could get used to the suite life real quick.

Lake Erie Monsters Hockey

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My new favorite hockey team

Oh, the places Google will take you…

I recently discovered a junior hockey team called the Drummondville Voltigeurs (“Infantrymen”) from Quebec. The team plays in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, and most of its players were born in the mid-90s. They have participated in the Memorial Cup tournament three times – once the year I was born. I don’t think this is just a coincidence.

Drummondville, Voltigeurs, jersey

A Drummondville jersey. I like the red with stripes across the bottom like the Blackhawks design.

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Phoenix goalie scores empty-netter

Last night Phoenix Coyotes goalie Mike Smith scored his first NHL goal. It was a beauty of an empty-netter. Just as the buzzer was sounding to end the game, the puck crossed the line. I love it when goalies have the opportunity to add a goal to their career highlight list because it happens so rarely. What a fun way to close out the win over Detroit.

Congrats, Smith!


One of my favorite things about the sports world is how it brings communities together. No city is a better example of that than Pittsburgh. I love watching how the Penguins are supporting the Pirates in their playoff run this season. From playing baseball on ice after practice to raising the Jolly Roger in Consol Energy Center after this weekend’s win, the city pride is palpable. 

Dupuis supports the Pirates

Dupuis supports the Pirates. (Photo courtesy of @penguins Instagram account)

I don’t know much about baseball, and I’m not going to pretend to be a big Pirates fan, but you can’t help falling in love with the way the city of Pittsburgh is cheering as one right now. 

But let’s hope they don’t get crazy with their celebrations. I’m convinced James Neal got his upper-body injury during that baseball game after practice last week. And that’s the last thing we need. It’s been nice to see other players stepping up in his absence, and it’s fun to see the abilities of younger players shining through — but I would like to have the Real Deal back in uniform soon.

Penguins play baseball on ice

Penguins play baseball on ice. (Photo courtesy of @ROOTSPORTSPIT Twitter account)

It seems like Geno is working pretty well with whoever is on the ice with him so far. And so long as we keep getting the puck to Crosby and Kobasew, I’ll feel pretty good about our goal-scoring opportunities. Here’s hoping they can turn this into a bit of streak…

Next game is Tuesday against the Hurricanes. I’m looking forward to it because my sister lives in Raleigh and fancies herself a ‘Canes fan now. It’s funny how distorted peoples’ minds get when they move down south. I won’t hold it against her though. At least she’s paying a little more attention to the greatest game in the world. We’ll also get to see the Staals in action, which is always entertaining. Is the Staal Brothers drinking game still fun these days? The answer is always yes.

The two minutes are up…

Although I hate to write this, I have to let everyone know that I am done with blogging here at Two Minutes for Hooking.

For a couple months there, I was great at updating. Unfortunately, I haven’t been updating enough the entire summer. If there is one thing that drives me nuts about blogs, it’s when I have to wait too long between posts. I don’t want to be that type of blogger, so I’m done.

It’s like this blog went into triple-OT, and I still couldn’t win it all.

So this is it. I’ll keep this post up for a few weeks, and then I’ll take the blog down entirely. Maybe I’ll start it up again someday, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon with the chaos of my senior year of college about to kick in.

Thanks so much for reading. It’s been amazing to have people read and care about my hockey thoughts.

A Short Hiatus

I’m taking my computer in to get fixed today. It’s been acting up lately, and the battery is about to be done for good. My service plan is up in a few months, so there’s really no time to waste. Unfortunately, that means that I’ll be without a computer for at least a week. I’m pretty sure they’re going to have to send it out for service. It’s going to be a rough time. Maybe when I get it back I will magically be a more prompt poster. I hope so. This blog does mean a lot to me, and I need to keep it up. I’ve been busy this summer with A Buckeye in Beantown, my blog about spending a summer living and working in Boston. Check it out!

In hockey news, I only have two things to say:

1. I will be at the 2011 Winter Classic. Pens vs Caps at Heinz Field? That’s a dream.

2. GO HAWKS! 🙂

Hockey doesn’t take a spring break, but I do

It may come as a shock to some of you, but Kent State is just now getting into spring break mode. I’m convinced we’re the very last school to go on break. Technically, my break starts on Monday, but my classes are done for the week, so I’m considering myself on spring break from this point forward. I wanted to let you know that I won’t be posting next week as I’ll be enjoying the week at the beach with friends. When I get back, I’ll jump right back into the world of hockey PR blogging.

If you’re a college student already back in classes or if you’re in the real working world and didn’t get to take a week off, take a break for 3:08 and enjoy some funny hockey goal celebrations.