A very hockey holiday

A belated Merry Christmas to my readers! I hope you all had a joyful holiday spent with family and friends. I certainly did!

My mom does Christmas right.

My mom does Christmas right.

I’ve been so full of holiday cheer this month that I haven’t been taking the time to post, and now I’ve completely missed the boat on sharing my Boston/Pittsburgh suspension thoughts. The short version: I think both Thornton and Neal could have been given longer suspensions. Here’s hoping they’ll be smarter in the future – or at least make better post-game comments. I don’t know which was worse – Thornton trying to act like he felt bad or Neal not caring at all. I hope they both enjoyed brushing up on media training that week.

But back to Christmas. This was the first year in a long time that I was overwhelmed by all of the hockey under my tree. I really thought my family would play the Cleveland card this year because I recently moved to the area. And my Browns-loving brother certainly did. He gave me Ohio Love stemless wine glasses from CLE Clothing Co. They are pretty kick-ass. But the rest of the family focused on hockey love.

Hockey Christmas

A few of my favorite things…

And I couldn’t be happier. I suppose now I’ll have to book a ticket to Quebec so I can see a real Drummondville hockey game.
I’ve already started reading ORR: My Story, and I’m fascinated. I met Bobby Orr once in Boston, and he was a class act. Add in the fact that he wore #4 (my favorite) and grew up in a town on the way to my family’s summer vacation spot, and it’s a wonder he’s not already my all-time favorite player. I missed out on his playing days, but I know all about the highlights. His book goes beyond that to discuss where he came from and how he became one of the best players to ever take the ice. It’s interesting to read about such a different hockey world. I’m only two chapters in, and he’s already mentioned several times that a player like him probably wouldn’t get a chance today. It’s amazing to think what the hockey world might have missed out on if he didn’t have a coach who took a chance on him.
Bobby Orr, Bruins, 1970

The Goal

Speaking of the old days, I’m counting down until the Winter Classic. I love kicking off the new year with a nationally-televised outdoor game. You can’t help but feel the excitement of everyone involved. This year is Leafs vs Red Wings. Who I cheer for will probably be a game-time decision. Then it will be all eyes on the Olympics. I can’t wait to cheer on Team USA.
What are you most excited about as the hockey world gears up for the Winter Classic and the Olympics?

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