Alive in CLE with the Monsters

Last month I went to my first Lake Erie Monsters game of the season. Now that I’m living in Greater Cleveland, it’s about time I got myself to the Q for a hockey night in CLE. I went to a few games when I was in college, but I haven’t been back since then. But between moving to the area and gaining access to a corporate suite, I was sold.

The company I moved to Cleveland for has a suite at the Q, and I snagged four tickets to a weeknight game. I went with three work friends, and we had such a great time. I could get used to the suite life real quick.

Lake Erie Monsters Hockey

Although the free drinks and appetizers were distracting, I pulled myself away to watch both teams take the ice. And if you haven’t seen the Lake Erie players enter through their Monster tunnel, you’re missing out. Definitely the most bad-ass entrance tunnel in all of the AHL – potentially even the best in hockey.

That’s what I love about AHL games. They have fun with it. The Monsters even have guys dressed like the Hanson brothers from Slap Shot clearing the ice. You can tell that people are enjoying themselves, regardless of the score.

I was also surprised by the number of kids at the game. It wasn’t even an advertised kids night, but the place was packed with people under the age of 10. You could tell by the decibel level of the screaming. It was nice to see so many kids learning about hockey and, hopefully, acquiring a love of the game at such a young age.

When I was interested in working in the hockey world, I mostly wanted to help grow the game. It’s my favorite sport in the world, and I can’t help but want to share that love with others. I’m happy to see the game growing in Cleveland, even without an NHL team. And I will definitely be back for another game to do my part in helping hockey stay alive in CLE.

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