Ducks fly together

Charlie Conway was the greatest sports hero of my childhood. The Bash Brothers were the first bad boys I ever loved. And the Mighty Ducks introduced me to ice hockey.

Then I forgot all about hockey until I was reintroduced to it in college, but that’s another story for another day.

As a child of the 90s, the Mighty Ducks are one of my favorite sports teams of all time. By association, a small part of me respects the Anaheim Ducks organization. That grows exponentially on throwback jersey nights.

Just a few weeks ago the Ducks paid tribute to their humble beginning as a team created by Disney. They pulled on the eggplant and teal sweaters, played 90s music throughout the arena, and even offered a 93-cent menu in honor of the year the team first took to the ice in California.

Anaheim Ducks, Mighty Ducks, throwback jerseys

Throwback jerseys hanging in the Anaheim Ducks locker room before the tribute game. Photo courtesy of Puck Daddy blog.

As a fan of the movie franchise, I would have loved to be there for the throwback night. If I were a Ducks fan, I’m not sure what I would think. Sure, the old jerseys honor the beginning of a team’s legacy, but the Ducks just couldn’t win when they were “mighty.” They didn’t hoist Lord Stanley until after Disney sold the team and an entire brand change was implemented. The new Anaheim Ducks sported black, gold, orange and white, and they still wear those colors today.

Anaheim Ducks jersey

The look of the Anaheim Ducks now.

With that in mind, it would be tough to bring back a look from such a tough era in the team’s history. Granted, I’m sure it brought in a decent amount of money – for reasons I don’t fully understand, alternate jerseys always sell – but as a fan I think I would rather stick with the current color scheme. But maybe it’s been long enough for Ducks fans now. Maybe they look fondly at the old colors and logo, and it reminds them of when they first became fans. When I see replays from old Penguins games, it’s fun for me to remember how it felt when I was just falling in love with the game and learning about the team.

I would love to hear what the die-hards have to say about Mighty Ducks throwback nights. And in honor of the movies that started it all, who was your favorite Mighty Duck? My vote goes to Banksy.

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