Getting back to a love of the game

Well, that hiatus was definitely not a short one. I got my computer back a few weeks ago, but I’ve been busy celebrating the 4th of July and visiting my sister in North Carolina. Then today I got online and read my friend Erin’s blog. She posted a great, opinionated piece about LeBron James turning his back on his hometown. It made me realize that it’s about time I step up and get back to work on this blog.

I love hockey. I love writing. I love writing about hockey. So why on earth am I not updating this more? I’m not sure. It might be because I’m interning for a hockey team this summer, and it’s making me see hockey more as work and less as fun. And that’s a damn shame.

To get back to my love for the game, I need this blog to keep me sane. I’m switching over from a hockey PR blog to just a general hockey blog about my thoughts on the game, with a focus on the NHL and maybe some occasional college hockey posts.

My first order of business: Let’s consider the fact that Ottawa Senators player Mike Fisher just married country music star Carrie Underwood.

Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood

Hockey and country music? It doesn't get much better than that. Photo by John Shearer/WireImage.

Can I tell you how many things I love about this marriage?

1. Carrie Underwood is one of my very favorite singers. Ever. She’s the type of celebrity that you think could be your best friend. Her songs are straight out of my diary, I swear. If I had to pick someone famous that I wanted to be like, she would probably be my first pick. And her name is Carrie. Bonus.

2. Mike Fisher…okay, so I really didn’t know about him until his name started getting linked to Carrie’s. But he seems like a good guy and a pretty decent hockey player. He was the most interesting part of the Sens to me. That is until Gonchar signed with Ottawa a few weeks ago.

Carrie and Mike

Here's Carrie watching a game, and Mike in his natural environment. It's been written that they are both incredibly supportive of each other's careers.

3. Put the two together and you get an All-American girl with a Canadian NHL player. As a female hockey fan, that sounds like a fairy tale to me, and every girl wants to be the princess in the fairy tale. [Being a female hockey fan who can appreciate the idea of marrying a hockey player DOES NOT, in any way, fall into the “puck bunny” category.]

4. Even better than the fairy tale is that this story is huge for NHL publicity. This marriage is on the front page of the NHL website. Right after coverage of who has the Stanley Cup today (Toews, if you’re curious). This is going to have media outlets buzzing across the country, not just in Ottawa or Nashville. At first, I thought it was silly that the marriage coverage was front page material for the NHL, but then I realized that stuff like this is what the NHL needs. The league needs some ways to sneak into prime time news coverage and magazine covers throughout North America. With hockey still riding high on Lord Stanley’s adventures this summer and two great players being drafted, something glamorous like this marriage can keep the media ball rolling. People love Carrie Underwood. Her fans want to see her with a good guy. And maybe, just maybe, they’ll go to the Sens website or the NHL website and learn some more about the greatest sport in the world.

5. This is purely for my girlfriends who read this and will love this photo. Mike Fisher with a kid? Him and Carrie are clearly going to make gorgeous babies. They’ll sing and play hockey. Beautiful.

Mike Fisher with a hockey baby

Little hockey players are the cutest.

So let’s just hope this marriage is the beginning of great, new love songs from Carrie and maybe a Stanley Cup for Mike? Only if he gets traded to one of my favorite teams, of course. And I hope the media keep on loving the couple and spreading the word about hockey.

What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Getting back to a love of the game

  1. So reading earlier and you said you didn’t know anything about him and I was going to send you the picture you already posted. 🙂

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