Facts on the Fly: Nasher’s thank you and Toew’s magic trick

It’s been just a little bit too long since my last update. I apologize for the lapse in posting. We’re getting down to the wire with just three weeks left in the semester here at Kent State, and it’s been incredibly hard to pencil in time for my blog. Between wrapping up my junior year and getting ready to jump into a summer internship, I’ve been busy. Throw in the playoffs, and there’s just no telling when I’ll have enough time to sit down and write something worthwhile for you.

Until I have time to post a thorough, interesting hockey PR entry, I thought I would put up another installment of Facts on the Fly.

Nasher thanks CBJ fans

As an Ohio girl, I am very seriously aware of the loyalty Bluejackets fans have shown their team. Ups and downs, through many years without playoff action, the Columbus faithful continue to raise the flag. After missing the playoffs this season, captain Rick Nash reached out to the fans. If you haven’t seen the ad, make sure to check out the public thank you. Wow. I was impressed. Regardless of whether it was Nash’s idea or the work of someone in the public relations/marketing office, it tugged at my heart. Yes, I’m a bit of a softie for a hockey fan, but how can you read that and not want to cheer them on again next year?

Toews is a puck magnet

In Game 5 of the Chicago-Nashville series, a puck got lost in the equipment of Blackhawks goalie Antti Niemi. Play was stopped and officials searched the goalie, but weren’t able to figure out where the puck had disappeared to. Hawks captain Jonathan Toews skated over, touched the goalie’s sweater and the puck magically appeared. Does this have anything to do with hockey public relations? No. But the video is great.

Please let me know what you’re thinking about the playoffs so far. I’m hoping to see some interesting public relations moves during the next few weeks. Have you noticed your favorite team doing anything fun or handling a PR situation in a good or bad way? Let’s chat.


2 thoughts on “Facts on the Fly: Nasher’s thank you and Toew’s magic trick

  1. As a CBJ fan, I was super appreciative of the team’s letter to the city.

    Throw in the amazing quality of Nasher’s beard in the photo, and it was pure perfection.

    Carry the flag!

    • Katie, I think you should consider that letter a personal thank you written with love by Rick Nash just for you.

      He grew the beard for you, too.

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