Facts on the Fly: Hockeyville, Ovie and the NHL Awards

Now that my Ryan of the Day posts are over, I’m ready for a new post idea. In between my in-depth hockey PR posts, I wanted to keep my blog fresh with hockey news and my opinions about the latest in the hockey world. I’ll also occasionally throw in something that is just barely related to hockey, but nevertheless interesting. Thus, you get Facts on the Fly. I’ll try to post a new edition of Facts on the Fly once or twice a week. I hope that you’ll check back for more in the series of updates, and I would love to hear from you, my dear readers. 🙂 If you’re reading this, you must love hockey. And if you love hockey, I want to talk with you! Now let’s get this week’s discussion going…

And the #1 hockey town is…

Well, we’re not sure yet, but the final 12 Canadian towns have been announced for the Kraft Hockeyville 2010 competition. Each year the Hockeyville title is awarded to a town that loves hockey deep down to its core. Proud Canadian citizens and fans can vote online for their favorite town. The winner will host a pre-season NHL game and win $100,000 for ice arena renovations. Four runner-up towns will win $25,000 for their rinks. Personally, I’m pulling for Drummondville, Quebec. And because I’m a Drummond myself, I should probably get an invite to that pre-season game.

Ovechkin suspended for two games

If you missed the game on NBC, Washington Capitals Alexander Ovechkin was thrown out of the game for hitting Chicago Blackhawk Brian Campbell from behind and sending him into the boards. The NHL handed down a two-game suspension to the hockey star. Ovechkin called the hit, “just a little push,” but others said it was clearly a dirty move. Ryan Kennedy gave his opinion on his blog at The Hockey News. He said that hits like that are part of the reason that fans love Ovie so much. He’s a dangerous player, and he doesn’t care what he has to do to win. I’m not an Ovechkin fan, and I see hits like that as one of the many reasons that I root for almost any team playing the Capitals. I won’t deny Ovie’s skill, but his crazy moves and on-ice antics drive me nuts. What do you think about the suspension call and Ovie in general?

Win a trip to the NHL Awards

Because I care about my readers, I thought I would share with you the link to win tickets to the NHL Awards in Las Vegas. I know last year’s Chaka Khan and Robin Thicke duet was kind of weird (I’m still  trying to figure out who made that decision),but I figure it has to be better this time around. And if you win, remember where you got the link. You do win two tickets after all…

A final note

I’m still trying to get through reading The Code before I post my opinions on fighting in hockey. With last week’s decision regarding hits to the head, I can’t wait to get blogging about that!

Have a great rest of the week, readers!


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