2 thoughts on “The NHL takes advantage of social media

  1. Carrie,

    I particularly liked this post. It was really interesting to see how even hockey has incorporated social media to get fans involved. Social networking sites are such a huge part our lives now and any way to make our obsessions easier to follow is fine by me! Do they have special events at games, like fan of the week or best tweet? That would be kind of cool to make fans feel better connected. Just curious! Happy blogging.

  2. Jessica,

    Isn’t that amazing how social media has made its way into all aspects of our lives? And I love your honesty! Social networking sites do make it so much easier to stay updated on your favorite things. You can easily obsess over a particular team these days. Simply by logging onto Facebook or Twitter you can know where the players are, what they’re doing, what they’re thinking…you can even see pictures of them uploaded from cell phones!

    I know that through Twitter many teams have contests. Whoever tweets back the best answer wins a price. I’m not sure if they are actually recognized at the games though. Interesting idea! That’s a great way to bring a social media connection into the “real world.” I like that idea a lot. Great comment!

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