Ryan of the Day: Ryan Suter

Team USA is going to the gold medal game! Although I missed most of today’s 6-1 win over Finland because of prior commitments, I did catch the highlights. I was hoping to have a clear winner for my next Ryan of the Day, but I was left wishing that Patrick Kane was one of the seven Ryans on the team. Yes, Ryan Malone did score, but he already got his day, and I want to share the love.

With that in mind, today’s Ryan of the Day is Ryan Suter because I felt like he showed up in several of the game clips that I saw. He also had two shots on goal in the win, and that’s the second most on the team.

Team USA's Ryan Suter.

Team USA's Ryan Suter. Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

 The 24-year-old defenseman plays for the Nashville Predators in the NHL, and Olympic victory is in his blood. His father, Bob, was part of the 1980 “Miracle on Ice” team, and his uncle, Gary, won silver at the 2002 Olympics. In a post on the blog Puck Daddy, Ryan was asked if he should win bronze this year just to complete the family set of medals.

No worries, he’s going for gold.


2 thoughts on “Ryan of the Day: Ryan Suter

  1. The PR tactics that were covered by carrie were ones that are not commonly known or thought of by typical hockey fans. Most fans know that players grow beards during the playoffs or that venues create particular events to coordinate with the frozen four but few link these actions with the idea of PR. As both a hockey fan aswell as a PR major with a minor in sports admin, this blog opened me up to the idea that PR tactics are all around us and takint the time to recognize them would be greatly benefitial. Carrie had great ideas and expresses a great balance between hockey and the professional elements of public relations.

    • Thanks for the comment, Ashley! It’s great to hear from a hockey fan who wants to do sports PR. There aren’t very many hockey fans in your Principles class, as I’ve discovered through all the rest of the comments. Starting this blog definitely made me look at hockey in a new way. There are so many things that I think of as just part of the game, but really they are PR tactics when you think about it. That’s something we need to think about as we try to break into sports PR. Good luck to you!

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