Team USA: A Team of Ryans?

This past week I happened to stumble upon a blog article about Team USA. The article pointed out that there are six players named Ryan on Team USA. Make it seven if you count Bobby Ryan.

Here’s the Ryan Roster:

Ryan Miller, goalie
Ryan Suter, defenseman
Ryan Whitney, defenseman
Ryan Callahan, forward
Ryan Kesler, forward
Ryan Malone, forward
and Bobby Ryan, forward

That’s seven out of 23 players. Weird? Yes.

In honor of the roster of Ryans and my love for Team USA (plus the fact that Ryan is my favorite boy name), I’ve decided to pick a Ryan of the Day every day or so until the Olympics are over.

On Tuesday, my Ryan of the Day was Bobby Ryan for scoring the first men’s hockey goal of the Olympics. Bonus points for scoring on his Ducks’ teammate, Jonas Hiller.

Today, my Ryan of the Day is Ryan Malone. Not only was I a fan of his during his time with the Pittsburgh Penguins, but Malone also scored off an assist from Jack Johnson in the game against Norway. And if you’re keeping up with this blog, you know that I consider Jack Johnson to be Team USA’s golden boy. He’s quickly turning into my favorite.

I’ll keep you posted with my picks throughout the rest of the Olympics. Each Ryan will have his chance to shine.


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